Deadline Extension!

As there have been some folks clamoring for more time due to the end of the semester, etc., the conference Co-Chairs (Clint Gardner, Andrea Malouf, and Chris Lecluyse) have decided to extend the deadline for call for proposals for both presentations and SIGs to May 15, 2015. They hope that this extension will alleviate some of the pressure on putting together proposals. They realize, however, that this deadline is after the end of the semester for some of you, so we hope that you will take the time to complete a proposal or encourage others to complete proposals before leaving all things school for the summer.

At this point, the deadline for travel grants—May 31, 2015—remains the same.

And the winner is…

Untitled-1Congratulations to Claire Cunningham from the University of Nebraska at Omaha for creating the winning design for NCPTW2015 (see attached).  Claire states that her design “encompasses the theme of the conference in a unique and comprehensive way. The front of the t-shirt depicts mountains, which represent both Salt Lake City, and also the challenges and assumptions that we as writing center consultants/affiliated persons have to overcome and work through. The hiker is using a pencil as a walking stick, promoting that it is through shared experiences of writing and writing centers that we can overcome these challenges, one step at a time. The back of the shirt shares the NCPTW 2015 conference topic “‘(De)Center: Testing Assumptions about Peer Tutoring and Writing Centers.'”

Claire will receive freed admission to the conference.  Thanks to Sarah Abraham, Claire Cunningham, Zach Forest, Laura Nogueiro, and Justin Shaw for submitting to the contest.

Vote for the NCPTW2015 Official Tee Shirt Logo!

NCPTW 2015 is going to have a tee shirt for the upcoming conference in Salt Lake City ( and you get to choose the design! You can find our official ballot at The vote will be closing on Friday, April 10 at noon Mountain Daylight Time. After you vote, you might want to think about writing a proposal for NCPTW 2015:  .