Call for Nominations: 2015 NCPTW Ron Maxwell Award

The 2015 NCPTW Ron Maxwell Award for Distinguished Leadership in Promoting the Collaborative Learning Practices of Peer Tutors in Writing

Deadline for Nominations: August 31, 2015

The NCPTW Ron Maxwell Leadership Award is given annually to a professional in the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing organization who has contributed with distinction to undergraduate student development through promoting collaborative learning among peer tutors in writing. The award recognizes an individual for dedication to and leadership in collaborative learning within writing centers, for aiding students in taking on more responsibility together for their learning, and thus for promoting the work of peer tutors. Its presentation also denotes extraordinary service to the evolution of this conference organization.

Such leadership may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including but not limited to

  • Building a record of bringing peer tutors to present at the Conference
  • Giving service to the NCPTW through hosting the Conference, serving as program chair, leading in the search for future sites, etc.
  • Fostering leadership skills among peer tutors
  • Showing evidence of leadership in collaborative learning on the home campus
  • Developing innovative peer tutoring programs in the home community
  • In general, welcoming and meeting new challenges in leading a center guided by a collaborative learning philosophy
  • While other aspects of a candidate’s professional performance—e.g., work with professional tutors, writing center research and publication—are respected by the NCPTW and are surely interrelated, this award is intended to recognize meritorious work in an area too little acknowledged.

Selection Process

A committee (of past award recipients) reviews nominations and chooses an annual recipient. A plaque with a $200 cash prize is funded by the Maxwell family.

Nomination Process

Send nominations by August 31, 2015, to Jon Olson via email, fax (814) 863-9627, or a letter addressed to Maxwell Award, Penn State Learning, 206 Boucke Building, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802-5900. Please provide the nominee’s name, title, affiliation, postal address, email address, and phone number. Support the nomination with as much persuasive evidence as time permits, knowing the importance of helping your nominee stand out among other deserving nominees.

Award History

At the 1997 NCPTW in Lexington, KY, Maxwell received a plaque from the conference organizers in recognition of his leadership in the organization. Twila Yates Papay of Rollins College, FL, received similar recognition at the 1998 NCPTW in Plattsburgh, NY. Maxwell’s funding ensured such recognition would continue, and the NCPTW steering committee insisted the award bear the Maxwell name. Molly Wingate of Colorado College received the inaugural 1999 NCPTW Maxwell Leadership Award. Jean Kiedaisch of University of Vermont received the award in 2000; Kevin Davis of East Central University, OK, in 2001; Ben Rafoth of Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2002; Jean Donovan Sanborn of Colby College, ME, in 2003; Harvey Kail of University of Maine in 2004; Kathleen Shine Cain and Michael Rossi of Merrimack College, MA, in 2005; Michele Eodice of University of Oklahoma in 2006; Susan Dinitz of University of Vermont in 2007; Jon Olson of Penn State University in 2008; Leigh Ryan of University of Maryland in 2009; Brian Fallon of the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) in 2010; Paula Gillespie of Florida International University in 2011; Clint Gardner of Salt Lake Community College in 2012; Emily Hall of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2013; and Robert Marrs of Coe College in 2014.

Proposal Reviewers

We’re gearing up to start proposal reviews, and are hoping to be done with the process before the last week in June. Although not all our reviewers are peer tutors, this year we have actively sought out peer tutors to be on the review team, and the majority of our reviewers are peer tutors.  They represent a wide-variety of institutions around the world–well the United States and Canada.  In an effort to maintain transparency. we will be posting the review criteria in a future blog post.

The Co-Chairs wish to extend special thanks to all our volunteer reviewers.

NCPTW 2015 Proposal Reviewers

  • Abby Ponder, Western Kentucky University
  • Alison Siggard, Brigham Young University
  • Andrew Jeter, Niles West High School
  • Ayanna Clarke, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Bethany Bibb, Salt Lake Community College
  • Brenda Abbott, Bay Path University
  • Bruno Nadalin, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Christine Modey, University of Michigan
  • Claire Cunningham, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Courtney Ward, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Erika Renstrom, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Gabriella Manduca, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Hannah Quigley, Salt Lake Community College
  • James Steur, Westminster College
  • Jessica Bowen, Westminster College
  • Joe Zeccardi, Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Kathy Block, University of Manitoba
  • Lizzy Muldowney, Brigham Young University
  • Meghan Forest, Grand Valley State University
  • Rebecca Disrud, Utah Valley University
  • Salvatore (Sam) Papa, Miami University
  • Sandra Salazar-Hernandez, SLCC Community Writing Center
  • Sarah Abraham, Salt Lake Community College
  • Sarah Gold, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Sasha Graybosch, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Shauna Edson, SLCC Community Writing Center
  • Shayna Fairclough, Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY
  • Sydney McCann, Grand Valley State University
  • Taylor McBroom, Miami University
  • Thomas Brandt ,Berkeley Preparatory School
  • Travis Adams, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Wesley Turner, Brigham Young University