TutorCon Teaser

by the TutorCon/Tutor Reception Committee (Bethany Bibb, Jarrod Barben, John Ramirez, Jordin Hartley, Nic Contreras, and Sarah Abraham)

Since tutoring is itself a social interaction, no conference would be complete without some social time for tutors.   Join us Friday, Nov. 6, 6-8pm for TutorCon–tutor-only event with fun and games and good company.

Here’s a taste of what we have in store, so sharpen your wits and show off your fun side!

Point of Origin with Sarah Abraham

Point of Origin is a mapping activity where participants take a pin and place it on a map to indicate where in the world they come from.  Proposals were accepted from all over the world, and we wanted to have a visual depiction of how diverse the world of writing centers is.

The Ultimate PIXperience:  A Pictionary Odyssey with Jarrod Barben

A Pictionary-ish powerhouse for the ages. Draw deep. Draw together.

Story (Col)laboratory with Jordin Hartley

Story (Col)laboratory is a fun activity during which stories will be compiled in a line-by-line fashion on an over-sized notebook by attendees of TutorCon. Each attendee will contribute one to two sentences to the story in order to receive a sticker for the activity.  The theme of the story will be determined by drawing cards with either one or two sentences that will start and set a context for the rest of the story or by drawing vocabulary words to use.  We are sure to emerge with some very interesting stories created exclusively by our TutorCon attendees!

Poet’s Corner with Nic Contreras

We’ll be using the line-by-line method to create large poems out of separate people’s lines.  One of the themes will be “I Am From…”–giving tutors the opportunity to write the literal, figurative, symbolic, or metaphorical places they come from and to think about how we became the people we are today, what our values are, and who or what experiences have shaped us.  The other theme will be “Writing Is…”–giving us an opportunity to think about how writing works and what it means to us.

Reading and Raffle with John Ramirez

We’ll be reading stories and poems from Story (Col)laboratory and Poet’s Corner and having a raffle with some great prizes!


TutorCon is coming.  Are you game?