How do I get my Poster to the Conference?

On the Writing Center listserv WCENTER, NCTPW2015 presenter Erin Pastore from Merrimack College asked the following  question:

I am very excited to be part of the poster sessions this year at NCPTW with two of my undergraduate writing consultants.

But, having never presented a poster before, we are unsure of the best means of getting it to Salt Lake from Massachusetts.

What would veteran poster presenters suggest? Any pitfalls of either option we should know about?

Veteran presenter Bill McAuley, from the University of Nevada, Reno replied

If it’s a physical poster, I would ship it to yourself at the hotel in a hard tube, arriving before you do, just in case. Make sure that the hotel knows you are doing so and that they have apparatus to receive and keep it for you. USPS and UPS are both reliable and cheap. Fed Ex is the former but less so the latter, at least by comparison and in my experience. Finally, all of those years in air freight come to some use . . .

And Dawn Fels, of the University of Pittsburgh added

I would add that you should phone the hotel to be sure that they don’t charge you  or the conference storage fees.

Thanks to Bill & Dawn for their excellent advice.