Psychogeography Tour

The Psychogeography Tour is Sold Out!


On Thursday afternoon (November 5, 2015), before the official start of the conference, NCPTW will offer a  shuttledpsychogeography tour of at least four writing centers around the Salt Lake Valley that serve distinct populations:  the SLCC Community Writing Center, Westminster’s community writing center Write Here, the Westminster College Writing Center, and the SLCC Student Writing Center.  This tour will explore the impact of place on our writing centers.  Place not only includes geographic location, but also the socio-economic and culture environment which surround a writing center.  Throughout the tour, participants will reflect on how writing centers are shaped by their place in the community. As a reflective practice, participants will document experiences based on the Mapping Salt Lake City project, a community-created archive of Salt Lake City’s neighborhoods and people through art, critical and creative literature, personal maps and multi-media projects.

Space is limited.  Registration for the Writing Center Psychogeography Tour is required.  You may register for the tour when you register for the conference.

3 thoughts on “Psychogeography Tour

  1. I am a first time attendee registered for the conference but not the tour and would really like to participate.

    Is there a waiting list for this tour? If so, I would like to be on it.

    My college in Northern California is looking at ways to scale our Writing Center services and seeing these models would be so helpful!

    If anyone who is registered for tour the cannot go, I would gratefully purchase his or her space if there is a way to do so.


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